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Becoming Fashion Week Paparazzi

We love taking street photography during our trips. When we knew that fashion week dates were just around the corner, we took our interest on street photography into a whole new level, street-style that is. And may we say, what an experience to have, it is such an addictive thing to do when you are in the moment.

With the rest of the so-called paparazzis, the professionals (the ones who got commissioned) or even the fans who just wanted to take pictures of their idols, we really felt the adrenaline pumping up whilst chasing these beautiful people, celebrity-invitations, Instagram-celebs, or just random people showing some swag. A bit of Fashion-Week 101, there are four major fashion capital cities in the world, those are New York, London, Milan and Paris; and there are two major fashion-week periods in a year, that is around February till March and August til September.

It is fortunate that we’re currently staying in Monaco, so that during the fashion week for the Fall/Winter collection presentation in Milan and Paris, we get to check out what the fuss is all about. First of all, we browsed the internet and tried to get the schedule and the location of the shows. The latter one is a bit tricky for Paris shows, apparently not many labels there would want to give the info publicly.

For Milan shows, which is very organized and integrated, it is pretty simple, just go to the official website: For Paris shows, the official website is However, they only published the schedule but not the exact location of the show; so we pulled an all nighter checking all available websites out there and finally got the best source that we could find:, even though the site could only provide few location of the shows. Another way to find out the exact location is to ask a friend who works at Kering Group or LVMH. 😀

Maybe you’re asking, why is it so important to know the exact schedule and location of these shows? Simply for your convenience! It is so much better strategizing your city-route throughout the day and navigating the transportation options if you know these information in advance. The following are the DOs and DONTs if you wanna taste the experience of being a paparazzi in Milan or Paris:

DO :

  • Wear eye-catching outfit so that you could get the chance of a ‘real paparazzi’ asking to take your picture 🙂
  • Stand-by on location at least 30 minutes before the schedule so you’d have ample time positioning yourself at the best location when the invitees arrive
  • Find the backstage door and stand-by 30 minutes after the show to get the models’ picture
  • Prepare your camera settings to adjust with the light, distance, or weather (it could rain heavily and you are out on the streets), plus prepare extra battery and SD-card
  • Eat something beforehand, coz you’ll never know when to have a break if you have a tight schedule
  • Enhance your hearing and eyesight when in action, the professional ones usually know these important fashion people by heart


  • Step on somebody’s toes when in action, always be aware of your surroundings, other people’s camera may have a value more than your hotel and airfare combined 🙂
  • Use your iPhones or smartphones or other smart-devices to take pictures, you won’t look serious
  • Ask for a selfie with an invitee/celebrity without checking his/her mood beforehand
  • Ask what they are wearing if you are not from the press

If you’re not up for the quest, you could just watch the live/rerun shows on the above websites or see the full collection in Vogue Runway app or these sites: or

If you are curious about who are the people we shot during our fashion week trips in Milan and Paris, we provide you with their Instagram account here: @anna_dello_russo, @garypeppergirl, @chiaraferragni, @oliviapalermo, @thesartorialist, @bryanboycom.

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