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Airbnb 101

We love Airbnb! Alhamdulillah, thank God we have very nice experiences staying in Airbnb accommodation 5 times already. Several friends asked us about the process of booking it and more of the DOs and DONTs, hence we are now posting about it.

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Historical Andalucia


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Shapes of Barcelona

To me, Barcelona is a city of architecture. Cita-Cita aku dulu sebelum akhirnya belajar ekonomi, adalah arsitek. So I loveeee building shapes and how they made. Kalau kalian mau belajar arsitektur, selain di Universitas Parahyangan yang tersohor itu, you need to go to Barcelona!

The amount of amazing facades and brilliant shapes are never ending, they are everywhere in every corner of the city. Apalagi melihat kreasi Bapak Antoni Gaudi, dia hidup di jaman tahun sebelum 1900-an, tapi imajinasinya akan ruang tiga dimensi itu tidak bisa lekang dimakan waktu, eternal.. Bayangin aja Sagrada Familia sampai sekarang belum kelar juga dibuat, betapa rincinya setiap pahatan dinding luar dan atap didalamnya. Sayangnya semakin kesini, buatan kontraktor di masa sekarang tidak serinci buatan kontraktor di jaman dulu.

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