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Mother Russia, Cold Yet Colorful

Mother Russia is a cold country, not just the weather (duh..) but also the people. There weren’t many locals who could understand or speak English. Even the Russian alphabet just kinda look like a mixed-up version of the Latin alphabet, like it was written for codes and exchanging national secrets in war time, an Imitation-Game-kinda-thing. During the trip, we communicated using body-language, hand-signs and distinct eyebrows movement with the locals; often with no good outcome in the end. Most of the museums and Metro stations do not have English signage; but thank God some museums have English audioguides. We did managed to find KFC and McDonald’s outlets that have English menu and some good pricier (but still affordable) restaurants, international cafés have also English menu, so dining is not a big issue for us. Strikingly, most of the taxi drivers we got there, were the ones that quite easy to talk to and they sounded well-informed about Jakarta, Indonesia, being the largest muslim country and all, even the story about East Timor. In fact, we exchanged contact details with one named Andrei since he was so eager to go to Bali, Indonesia. People could surprise you, we think.

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Exotic Marrakesh

The first thing that pop up to my mind when husband asked me about going to Spain, I was then screamed for Marrakeessshhhh…
The city has always been one of my bucket list since I got hold on Vogue magazine. The photo spread they did in Morocco, be it in Marrakesh or Fez. Or from movies I saw did shots in Tangier. Morocco has always been one of few exotic places on earth I wanna see. Husband did not too keen at first. He lost appetite on cities that have unknown languages and many ethnicities, he said we could get into ‘lost-in-translation’situation. Until I found a good-reviewed local guide from one’s traveler blog. His name is Mohamed and was a great local guide, a very good story-teller and a humorous one. Then, husband found that the accommodation called Riyad there, are so very very beautiful, and of course he couldn’t say no to nice accommodations. 😀 At last he said yes to my plead going to Marrakesh.
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