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Third Bali Honeymoon

This year we celebrated the Independence Day by having a quick getaway to the Island of Gods. Well, more of spending the long weekend off from the city, giving ourselves a break after few last hectic months of working. The trip can be considered as our third honeymoon in Bali, and this time we kinda took it pretty lavish by staying in two luxury resorts, COMO Uma Ubud and The Bale Nusa Dua; one of them was our dream resort back in 2007 when we had our first honeymoon, but back then we didn’t have the budget 😀

The stay was amazing, we had the best me-time doing nothing for as long as we can remember. And the food was interesting since we felt overwhelmed by the amount of new establishments, cafes and restaurants in Bali; we have tried some and will tell you more in the next posts.

Onwards, we’d like to give our reviews on places we’ve stayed at or food we’ve tasted with loves and dollars, representing the quality, the experience and if it’s worth your penny. Note that we give our reviews based on our sole experience at the time thus we will also put the exact dates and time when we went there. We hope we can give fellow travelers better insights of the few places we have tried.

♥♥♥  Amazing! Go for it!                     ♥♥  A okay if you wanna try it                  ♥  Prefer others

$$$ Pricey!                     $$  Wallet-friendly                          $  Cheap as hell


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